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Start 2015 Right! Make Money with Online Surveys!

Have you started on that long list of New Year’s Resolutions? Some of you may want stay fit and healthy this year, learn a new skill, or work much harder to get that promotion you’ve always wanted. To know more, our latest Mini-Poll asked our members what New Year’s resolutions are on their lists this year. Almost two thousand members voted. Results show that 32% want to stay fit and healthy, 31% chose not to have New Year’s resolutions, 19% said they’d want to enjoy their life to the fullest and 18% said they want to spend less and save more this year.

The highest number of votes said members would rather stay fit and healthy this year. Let OpinionWorld India help you with that so you can save up some cash to buy that fresh organic produce to keep you fit and healthy simply by taking our online surveys. With OpinionWorld India, the more online surveys you complete, the more you earn points you can redeem for popular reward options, e-vouchers.

So how do you start the year right? Here are a few tips you might want to consider to make that survey experience a rewarding one!

Make Sure Your Email Address is Reachable
Your inbox may sometimes block us from reaching you either because it’s full, the email address no longer exists or you may have mistakenly marked our emails as spam. To ensure delivery of survey invitations, please include our email address into your email account’s safe sender’s list. When it’s easier to reach you, the faster it is for you to take part in our online surveys before it gets filled. Taking surveys via the ‘Take a Survey’ button from the website also helps route you to an online survey you may qualify for. If there’s none upon accessing the link, you may try again at a later time.

Update Your Profile
Has your situation changed recently? It’s about time you look back at your profile questionnaires and fill out those sections that needs to be updated. It’s important to ensure your profiles are up-to-date according to your current situation so it helps us find online surveys that match your criteria. The more updated your profiles are, the more online survey opportunities you get from us.

Participate in Surveys More Often
Time is precious. It’s advisable to take surveys as soon as an invitation is received. In some cases, online surveys are only opened for a limited amount of time and there’s great chance that it can fill up so quickly because of the number of participants taking surveys at a given time. Make your opinion count by being an active participant.

Read Survey Questionnaires Carefully
We highly value data, so it’s important that you read carefully each questionnaire so you are able to provide accurate and consistent responses. Take your time and don’t rush on taking online surveys. Every survey has its designated time to finish. Speeding through surveys may affect the data returned to us or may result to inconsistent responses. Take it slow and answer surveys according to its specified time.

Hope these little bits of information help you start the year right with OpinionWorld India. Just visiting and not a member yet? Join for free today! Simply fill in your details at the box to the right to begin.

Happy survey taking!

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