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Annoying SPAM emails and calls? Not with OpinionWorld

annoying SPAM emails and calls? Not with OpinionWorld

At some stage in your life, you will be approached by spams.   Some spams may appear genuine and may offer bargains to get your attention, yet your best protection is awareness.  To get our member’s pulse, we asked what their overall feeling is with spam emails and calls.  True enough, results show that 63% (468 votes) said that they are extremely annoyed, 31% (230 votes) said it is somewhat annoying while 7% (49 votes) said they have placed themselves on the do not call list and used an application to block any spam emails sent to their mailbox, which indeed is a very smart move and we highly recommend everyone would use.  Our mini polls results unanimously show how members find these communications very annoying.  So how do you protect yourself?  

Here are some helpful tips for you:

•  Never share your personal information specially your email address or phone number to individuals or organisations that you find suspicious, non-legitimate or those you do not trust.
•  If you have started to receive unwanted emails, block the sender by using applications that can track spams and would block these spam emails from reaching your mailbox.
•  If you have been receiving unwanted calls, verify where the call is coming from, the name of the person calling, who they represent, how they have acquired your number and request to put your number on a do not call list.
•  Consider a call blocker.  Discuss these options and services offered by your phone line provider.
•  Lastly, do a quick research about the company calling. Spam calls or emails may appear claiming what they don’t seem to be, the best protection is knowing what the company offers and verify with them the legitimacy of the calls and emails you’ve been receiving.

How we contact you?

We contact our members through email communications only such as sending online survey invitations, sending new announcements about any updates on our website, sending invites into our competitions and others.   We also do focus group studies or product testing studies which may ask your permission if you would like to participate in a survey through phone.  Please note that this is voluntary and if you don’t wish to participate in these kind of studies, you are free to abandon the survey at any time.  We want be clear that we don’t call our members without their consent nor send spam emails.   Just a healthy reminder to make sure you list down info@opinionworld.in in your email accounts’ safe list so you don’t miss a single online survey opportunity! For more information on how we use your information, please read our Privacy Policy.

You can control your online survey invites!

We send online survey invites daily, yet we also understand how receiving so many online survey invites can be very annoying.  So as a helpful feature, we gave members the option to limit how often they would like to receive online survey invites from us by adding this feature to our website.  Under the profile settings, members can select to receive online survey invites twice a day, every other day, few, standard or daily.    How often you would like to be contacted depends on your preference.

Your membership with OpinionWorld is guaranteed safe and we will not Spam your inbox nor bombard you with unwanted calls.  Not a member yet? Click here to join us now for free or fill in the form to the right to begin.

Happy survey taking!

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