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Money Matters: How do you save your money?

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It is a sad undeniable fact that without money, living is as hard as finding water in the desert. We live in a world where everything needs money to run. We pay for the food we eat, the water we drink, the house that shelter us, the clothes we wear, the things that we use for transportation and communication and the list go on. Indeed, every move we make requires money. Everything we do needs money to work. We all need money to survive this new era where even the air we breathe needs money to be safe. This is why most of us, if not all, takes extra precaution and are guarding their money with their lives. It is disturbing and sad, but the reality is, money does make this world go round these days. Having this idea in mind, we asked our members how they save their money. Four to five out of ten people who responded voted for keeping some in the bank while some in a safe at home gathering 459 votes. Not very far behind, at least two to three out of ten said they prefer putting everything in the bank while the rest opted to invest everything in business and other means of savings.

Yes, money is essential, but let us hold on to the hope that there are still far more valuable things in this world that money can’t buy and are free. Surely we need to work hard to earn money to feed ourselves as well as our family, however, it shouldn’t be our sole purpose to live. Remember, happiness is something money can’t buy, yet is far more essential than anything in this world. Here in OpinionWorld, though we are not able to offer cash as a reward, taking our paid surveys will absolutely come handy with your budget issues. As a member, you will earn points by participating in our online paid surveys which you can redeem for shopping vouchers once you have met the minimum required points. At least let us offer you a hand on your shopping needs when you claim your choice of electronic voucher such as Flipkart, Jabong, Myntra, Shoppers Stop and Lifestyle. Paid surveys could not get any better when you take it with OpinionWorld.

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